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Hey! You sure you want to know about us? We're kinda nutty!

Howdy! I'm David -

- I'm a God-fearin, gun-totin, slightly crazy fellow. I'm obsessed with my wife, fishing, hunting, guns, good food, fruity drinks, and my hat. Won't leave the house without my hat. Period.    

Don't let that sophisticated and dignified picture fool you - I can look very serious when I try.
My wife is always rolling her eyes at whatever joke I am cracking or whatever naughty comment I am whispering in her ear.

Cut me some slack - I'm married - It's part of the job description.

But anyway, any given chance I will be doing something outside - fly-fishing, bass fishing, hunting, shooting, bow-hunting, etc.

I like doing things that push the limits of what I can do - I like a good challenge, and like seeing if I can do things that people say can't be done. I've always wanted to see if I could lie to a polygraph - Don't get me wrong - I am always brutally honest - but they say you can't lie to a polygraph. So of course I want to try.

I consider myself a Christian version of Han Solo - roguish and daring, but always trying to push the limits and see what I can do. 'Never tell me the odds' is one of my favorite quotes.

I'm rather obsessed with...... life. Everything I do or like, I tend to do full throttle.
I see a coyote, or a rabbit, and my first thought is getting a shot at it with my rifle.
I see a body of water, I want to go fish in it.
I see the ocean, I want to surf. (I really really really want to learn to surf. So bad.)
I see a big downhill stretch of road, I want to drive down it really fast. Sometimes I do. *guilty face*

I am very very picky on music - I like a bit of Pop music, 90's country, and movie soundtracks. Lot's of movie soundtracks. I love artists like Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, John Powell, and Brian Tyler. That type of music makes me want to grab a sword or machine gun and storm a castle or enemy base - that also sounds like my idea of a good time - a good fight. 20 to 1? Sounds fun. I love a quote I heard once. "They have us surrounded, the poor buggars".  
I love debating philosophy, logic, apologetics, and defending Christianity against other religions and worldviews, and holding it up in its rightful place - the only hope this poor dying world has. Christ and the principles of the Bible is the only way to peace, happiness, love, joy, and order in society.
And I will debate you for hours on that. And I'm right.
Seriously, if I ever get fired, it will be because I won't stop debating my co-workers.

And of course, I'm crazy in love with my wonderful Wife. I've known her since I was ten, been in love with her for a decent part of ten years after that, and eventually married her. The way I see it, I kept my hands off of her for those ten years, so now I'm making up for lost time. I love dragging her along on whatever crazy adventure I am up to, talking to her, loving on her, sharing with her everything I am thinking about or laughing about, and surprisingly, she puts up with all my antics and quirks and adventures that never go as planned and naughty comments. And still loves me like crazy. Still haven't figured that one out.
So, that's me. Redeemed, crazy, quirky, high strung and loving life. And happy. very, very happy.

**                  **                    **

Hi, I'm Lisa, and I have a very hard time writing "About Me" sections! I feel like instead of describing myself, you should just get to know me.....but - my darling hubby is making me write this, so here goes :)

David and I have been married since November 2015, and are expecting our first baby boy this coming October, so much of my recent life has been spent settling in as a wife and adjusting to this new stage of life. And I have never been so happy, felt so fulfilled, or felt so loved.

• My favorite things are photography, music, horses, God, my husband, and little kids. Not in that order, though! Oh, and coffee!
• My least favorite things are mangoes, writing "About Me" sections, Arizona summers, and scary people.
• I am missing coffee terribly while being pregnant.
• I'm highly introverted, and wish I never had to leave the house. Ever.
• I love my husband like crazy ♥
• Marriage is sooooo much better than I'd imagined.
• I love photography and the way pictures capture memories that last forever ♥
• I love being outside and seeing all the ways God loves us and sends us beauty to enjoy.
• I love the little things...being home, a cup of coffee, decorating the house, playing with horses, being with family, and loving God.


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