Friday, July 14, 2017

We're Back!

We haven't forgotten about this blog! I promise! We have just literally had the most eventful past 8 months ever. We now have our first baby and own our first house!

We haven't had internet service at our new house until this past computer access has been very limited. But we are back in the world of high speed internet again! I'm going to do a quick catch up post with pictures and such, and then we will start blogging for reals. We have lots of thoughts and ideas in the works and can't wait to start sharing them!

Sooo our last post was back in September (long time ago...I know....), so I think I'll just start in October and kind of give a month by month update.

October was the BEST MONTH EVER because our amazing little Jackson Taylor was born. I never knew I could fall so deeply in love with such a tiny human. He has changed our lives radically, and we couldn't love him more.


Not much happened in November! I hemorrhaged very badly during the birth, so I had a lot of recovery to do. Lots of baby snuggles, laying around, reading books, and getting better! But we did manage to take Jackson up north to cut a Christmas tree!

Oh, and we also celebrated our first wedding anniversary in November!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

 December - Jackson's first Christmas!! ♥ Lots of wonderful family time, laughter, and special memories.

January - nothing too exciting except for lots more baby cuteness!!

February - our second married Valentine's Day, and our third one together! We escaped Phoenix and headed up to Flagstaff for a mini vacation. Jackson got to play in the snow!
We also went and first looked at the little house that we ended up buying!!!!

March - Jackson learned how to roll over, started to think about sitting up, and went to his first miniature horse show!

April - very, very busy month!! Jackson turned 6 months, and we bought our first house!! It's been a whirlwind of projects ever since :P We also had a great visit with my best friend and her sister. They were a huge help and blessing and gave us quite a head start on some of our house projects!

Oh, and we found out that Jackson is a HUGE fan of steak :P

May - more baby cuteness, we got the outside of our property leveled, and David started working on our pallet wall!!

June - Jackson gets even cuter, we celebrated Father's Day, and finished our pallet wall!

July! Current! So far, we've gone on a backpacking trip...with a stroller. That was crazy.
Monsoon season is rolling in...which means gorgeous sunsets!
Besides that, we've done more house projects, and, you guessed it, Jackson has continued to be adorable :)


Stay tuned for posts coming up!! We have some (controversial!) topics in mind LOL :) :) 

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  1. WOW! All of the incredible pictures are worth a thousand words! I love how much you two love life, and jump into it as an adventure, together. It is so exciting to see the beautiful things God is doing in your family, as you raise Jackson and continue serving Him. You guys are a huge blessing and encouragement!